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Thank you all for coming we have transfered and testing out our new fan site if you would like to sign up to access for areas then please do and wolfpack members please sign up we will only be trying out this site for a few months and see how it gose please add a comment on what you think about the new Website thank you.

Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to the wolfpack fan site we are a clan based in kuma games the kill point. on this site is lots of information that weill help you get to know us and we will evern help you to get kuma games the kill point up if you would like to play with us and get to now us evern better.

please injoy this fan site hope you like it....

thank you


                                                                        LINKS AND LAGG HELP
I am going to add some links so if you are haveing any problems with any think then you can go to this site and download the applications and then some of your lagg will be gone.

if you have a little lagg on the game and stuttering then you should try game booster type into google game booster then download it ant what this application is that you need to run it every time you just about to play kill point this can also help on any other games. all you have to do is run kuma after the main menu has came up for kuma go to game booster and click were it says switch to gaming mode and then click were it says applications running in background or at the bottom of the box it says two tick boxes click the one on the righ and then close all of them but not any thing to do with kuma you will be amazed how many programs are running in the background. the link for this is 
and just click on download.

another help application is defrag it defrags your computor no virus and it will not remove any applications from your computor it is safe i have been useing it for a long time now and it works for me the link is hear
and this will take you straight to the download page and when you get to it just click the Download button and you are done its called smart defag.

If you need any other help then please fill free to ask any of the wolfpack members we are hear to help with any problems you may have with this issue thank you.

lots more new things will be put up over the next few months to make this fan site look evern better.

sign in or sign up now ==For free

Just to let you people know that all woflpack members will be Eather access level 9-Admin also other clans will be access level 5 or more and public will be access level 1,2,3,4 thank you for your time.


If you would like to ask me any questions about wolfpack or about the site then hear are my deatails.

or you can email me on my normal one which is
or you can call me on (07747636134)

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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

JamieWolfpack, May 12, 10 12:07 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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